As a User, you may cancel Your order at any time within 15 days of order placed & delivered. In such a case we will refund the payments, if any, already made by you under the relevant order. Any return or refund is as per the return and refund policy of

The Company at its sole discretion may cancel any order(s):

  1. If the licensee uses this service or spying anyone who don’t belongs to licensee organization or the person do not affiliate with licensee organization in any manner.
  2. If licensee redistribute this service to another organization.
  3. If licensee use this service to track the end user behaviors & manipulate users for any kind of illegal activity.
  4. If licensee use this service for recording user activity & force user for any kind of slavery.
  5. If licensee record end user personal data using this service (e.g. banking information or any government identity) & use that data in any kind of fraud or criminal offense.


In case a User is not satisfied with the quality of the product, such as product not working or user are not able to connect etc. we shall provide support on the product. In case our support is not able to resolve the problem within 72 hours of complaint log, we shall refund the money that may have been paid by you for the purchase of the product within fifteen (15) days from the day if Your request for a refund is accepted. The money will have refunded to you.

if you are not satisfied by the product & you escalated the refund request within 15 days of the purchase. Then we will refund all your money without any question asked.