We made a list of QnA which explain to you how we are protecting your data

What system data Workforce Application can access?

We never read, process or store the application data because we don't have access to them

The only information we analyze are the Metadata of an application, which contains the data such as: location of application, header, Memory used, application owner & the document name if application can save a file. Apart from that data we can't access or read any data as we only communicate with windows/mac system application, which has only access to meta data

Is my data secure and encrypted?

Yes, your data is encrypted at rest and in transit. It never leaves AWS Cloud platform

The process to ingest email data and turn it into statistics happens entirely inside AWS Cloud Platform, & almost every step of the process is serverless. That means you benefit from Amazon’s huge investment in security: they’re in charge of everything, including encryption.

As an additional security measure, we store each customer’s data in separate databases & Even sensitive data is in encrypted form at another database, making maintenance, operation, and compliance easier and safer.

Can I stop Workforce Next applications from accessing my data at any time?

Of course. We have pause feature to stop our application to read your data

For example if you or your employee is doing some confidential work & dont want that to log, then can pause the software & software will pause reacordin gactivity & at the admin panel manager will be able to see the duration when the software was paused

To report a security issue, please email security@workforcenext.in.

Enterprise Grade Features

Granular control of access, permissions and data visibility

Some of our solutions are used by entire companies and teams. We’ve worked closely with them to make sure they’re in control, establishing further measures and including all of the above.

Your company is in control

You can revoke the permissions anytime

Secure data visualization

Get the data in the format and tool of your choice

Granular access to data

Set custom roles and permissions for your teams and users

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